Here you go, a short listing of various sites which I find useful, interesting or fun.. I guarantee nothing. I claim to be checking these regularly, so if you find a site has moved or died, you know I'm lying.. No fly fishing links, because I have too many, and it's hard to exclude any. Besides, my name isn't Alta V. Ista.
The links are organized in a newly developed, secret system called "RAND0M".

Web Washer. Great proxy based filter for your web browser. No more banners, no more pop-ups. Free for non-commercial use too.
Phil Greenspun's website, including Great pictures and a lot of interesting stories here.
Dilbert ZoneŽ. Funniest cartoon ever. Can't wait until I'm graduated from NSM so that I can be a PHB myself! (I'm not sure if I'm joking right now..)
Humor for Webmasters. A bit nerdy perhaps, but it works for me. The Cybersex by E-Mail is truely hilarious.
Darwin Awards Official Home Page. Is there a limit to stupidity? It seems not.. This site will make you feel smart!
Perl. A programming/scripting language so easy to learn that even I rack up CGI-scripts now. The duct tape of the internet.
sCary's Shugashack. 3D-gaming news with an attitude. I can live with that.
Amazon UK. Their prices are really good. Not quite as good as the US-based, but still the best deal when delivery to Norway is inserted into the equation.
Dejanews Power Search. Searchable Usenet archive. Best way to solve computer problems - chances are, someone already solved your problem. Spend two minutes reading the search tips, and you can make their database dance!
B&H Photo. New York based, reputable mailorder house for photo equipment. I buy most of my stuff here.
Espen Andersen. Associate Professor at the Norwegian School of Management with actual content on his homepage. I especially like his book recommendations .
c:\temp. Braindead celebration of java and javascript, but some very amusing files to download once you get past the obstacles of design..

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