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Fly Fishing
  is my favorite pasttime. Since you're reading this, you're probably a fly fisher too, and there's no point in me trying to tell you how great it is - you already know.

These pages
  were originally started in September 1997 - heavily inspired by Ulf Erik's Fluefiskeside, a simple Norwegian page with story and pictures from a successful fly fishing trip. I enjoy reading other people's stories trumendously. They're often more interesting than the standarized magazine articles, so I figured, why not add something of my own.. The internet makes it all possible.

There's plenty of excellent fly fishing sites on the net, edited by experts. That's a good thing, and a valuable resource for technical (mostly) fly fishing info.
However, these pages are all about me and my experiences with the fly rod. The scope of these pages is also my only field of expertise: myself.
So, here it is, a lightly edited htmlified version of my private fishing diary.

I don't catch a lot of fish, I'm not a good writer and I'm definitely not a good photographer.
But still, it is all I have to offer, and I can only hope, that you enjoy it..

  this site was Norwegian only, and it still is, primarily. But as you see, I did finally put together a limited English version.
I should of course do it all in English, reaching a bigger audience, but really, I write mostly about Norwegian stuff, and I lack the mastery of English language, so I don't see that happening any time soon..

  and in terms of design, this site is far from perfect. Accessibility and ease of use are very important to me, and to my knowledge, I've done reasonably well on that account. I try to stick to the HTML-standards from W3C, and I've stayed clear of java, javascript, frames, banners and so on. I'm not here to annoy you, after all.
The colors should be pretty safe (however, not quite consistant yet). It works on most browsers supporting tables (but some pages might look a bit flaky without CSS capability). If you should encounter any accessibility problems with this site, please let me know, and I'll do my best to fix it immediately.

  is welcomed. In the making of this site, quite a few hours have passed. Scanning images, writing stories, translating, organizing, redesigning, programming CGI-scripts etc. It all takes time.
And I would like your opinion on it, whatever it may be.
You can mail me at, or you could sign my (very temporary) guestbook for the English version.
I've also set up a system so that you can comment on (most of) the individual pages, hoping it'll be put to good use.

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